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Fivewest provides services and product solutions to match liquidity on both ends of the most common trading pairs in South Africa for global payments and Arbitrage Opportunities. We do not hold open trading positions in the Crypto Asset space, nor do we expose client funds to trading risks. Our team works fast and hard to ensure that we are constantly adding to the products and services we have on offer.

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The founders have extensive knowledge of the financial markets in general having worked in banks, traditional asset management companies and in the cryptocurrency sector. Our mission is to provide wealth-creating opportunities. We’re a diverse group of doers and thinkers that are dedicated to making financial opportunities readily accessible and available to the world. Our main aim is to enable people to invest in their financial freedom and independence.

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At Fivewest, we believe that blockchain technology will radically transform the future of asset management to the benefit of investors globally.

Our Goal: "For us, our clients matter the most and we value them all, no matter how big or small they are. Our approach is client-centric as, right from the initial strategy to the final delivery, we are fanatical about coming up with original solutions that match their requirements and expectations. Making our clients happy is our prime concern. Consequently, we have never lost an account".

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