Enterprise, Mobile, and Web Testing

As a company that prides itself on developing high-quality enterprise software solutions, we take Quality Assurance seriously. Each project we take on goes through numerous iterations of testing to ensure smooth performance, user-friendliness, and bulletproof security.

Dedicated Teams

Ensure that Quality Assurance does not become the weakest link in your software development workflow. Coderower can help you fill key positions in your production team with Quality Assurance specialists that have proven themselves to be exceptionally thorough and have had experience in testing enterprise solutions, mobile applications, and web applications.

Software Audit

Sometimes the only thing that’s missing is an objective outsider’s look at the software that is helping you run your business. Bring in a team of experienced Quality Assurance specialists and consultants to analyze your software and spot key problem areas and discover potential growth opportunities.

Testing Stages

Each project we take on goes through several or all of the following testing stages:

  • Functionality Testing: We go through and check the software to ensure its front-end and back-end perform smoothly.

  • Compatibility Testing: We ensure that the software will work on the hardware used by your employees and your customers.

  • Performance Testing: We run the software to its limits and ensure that it can withstand the demands of your growing business.

  • Security Testing: We perform an end-to-end security check to ensure your data is safe and your security is bulletproof.

  • Usability Testing: We make sure the UI/UX is as intuitive and user-friendly as we promised it would be.

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